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Dykes Paving has the equipment, expertise, and manpower that it takes to handle all Atlanta asphalt resurfacing and rehabilitation jobs.

Fixing pavement cracks and holes does more than improve the appearance of your site.

It reduces safety hazards and helps maintain – or increase – property value.

In addition to an upgraded appearance and a safer environment, a resurfacing job also makes it more pleasant to get around the site without bumping and bouncing around both you and anything that you may be hauling, and it makes things easier on the vehicles themselves.

For heavy industrial commercial paving materials, innovative processes and paving throughout metro Atlanta, the only name to know is Dykes Asphalt Road Resurfacing.


Environmentally Friendly – A safe and clean process with little to no emissions. We reduce the use of flames and control the amount of dust.

Fast Removal Times –  Asphalt milling allows us to remove damaged or deteriorating asphalt easily. We can reduce the removal time by as much as 50% with our process.

Minimally Invasive –  Asphalt Milling allows us to only remove the surface rather than removing lower and substrate levels.

Reusing Existing Asphalt –  Allows for smoother surfaces upon completion.

Grading and Milling

Pavement milling, also known as cold planing, is a process that removes part of a paved surface, such as a parking lot or road.

Pavement milling has many uses. One of the main reasons to mill asphalt is to recycle the road surface, which is then ground up and used as aggregate in fresh pavement. This has a very positive environmental impact, preventing additional resources from being used for creating entirely new asphalt from scratch.

Our asphalt milling capabilities are among the finest in the southeast, and there is no milling job that we cannot handle. 

Give us a call at (770) 448-3392 and we will be glad to discuss your asphalt milling needs with you and provide you with a milling solution that enables you to meet your deadline and stay within your budget.


Asphalt Repair or resurfacing is fixing pavement cracks, deteriorating surfaces, or holes and a whole lot more!  Beyond patching small cracks and improving the appearance of your site or parking lot; Asphalt Road Resurfacing  reduces safety hazards and helps maintain – or increase – property value.

Key Ways Asphalt Road Resurfacing Increases Value

  • Easily Maintained- Quickly fix small areas rather than entire sections
  • Easily Removed- The cost to pull out old asphalt is a very simple process.
  • Extremely Fast- Most Demolition can be done with minimal labor.
  • Cost Effective- Materials are readily available and affordable

Reducing Safety Hazards with Resurfacing and Rehabilitation are plentiful. Quickly and easily replace your dirt roads and driveways, eliminate gravel driveways, and stained or damaged surfaces. 

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