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The Longterm Value of Milling Your Asphalt

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For business and property owners, understanding the long-term value of milling your existing asphalt pavement is crucial to getting the most from your investment. While many understand that milling the current surface provides for a recycled and sustainable product, few understand how this directly translates into a long-term value proposition for the business.

Direct Value Of Reusing Existing Asphalt.

Milling of an existing layer of pavement allows for a nearly immediate return of the recycled product into the new surface. This reduces costs compared to using an all-new surface without any recycled asphalt content. In addition, it also saves time in terms of delivery and transportation compared to a new asphalt product, thus providing for a faster completion in many cases.

For the longer term, the use of RAP, or recycled asphalt product, also allows your initial asphalt investment to be reused for the life of the property or pavement. In other words, this type of asphalt processing can allow your initial asphalt to be converted and reused time and time again. Of course, milling can also be used to treat trouble spots, thereby reducing the need for a complete resurfacing which could also disrupt your business for the duration. All of which delivers a direct value to your business, over both the long and short-term.

An Indirect Value of Reusing Existing Asphalt.

The use of existing asphalt allows for a smoother surface upon completion as both the milling and processing reduce the aggregate to a better, more compact finish. When this new layer is applied, it not only delivers a smoother ride but it increases the awareness of those who use the pavement. In effect, an improved look and feel of a parking lot or road create an improved perception of the business or property. Given that the surface will last for a significant amount of time, this perception is considerably long lasting in the minds of those who visit your business or property. Which again, comes together to provide you with a long-term value.

By using your existing asphalt, your investment delivers both a direct and indirect value to your business and or property. Therefore, it is important to consider how this value will benefit your company. To discover the exact benefits and how it can improve your business, contact an asphalt specialist today so you can put your investment to work for you.