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4 Tips to Prepare Your Asphalt For Winter Weather

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Winter weather requires careful preparation for your home’s (or business’s) exterior and landscaping. However, when preparing for the cold your asphalt shouldn’t be ignored. Asphalt is also vulnerable to the cold and careful preparation is required to avoid damage, injury, and expensive repairs. When preparing for the winter keep the following four tips in mind.

Preparing Your Asphalt For The Winter

  1. Clean Up: one of the first things you should do to prepare for winter is to clean up. Debris that is easily ignored in warmer weather can quickly become unsafe when exposed to snow, ice, and moisture. Removal of trash and collected refuse also allows for easier cleanup and snow removal.
  2. Fill Cracks And Sealcoat: during the winter snow can get into cracks which later melts and then reforms into ice once the temperature drops below freezing. This process can greatly weaken your asphalt and cause further damage as the expanding ice increases the size of existing cracks. Filling these cracks prevents this from happening and a sealcoat further protects your asphalt from the elements.
  3. Pay Attention To Pooling Water: pooling water can be caused by dips or drops in your asphalt. In the winter collected water can quickly become ice which is a safety hazard for both residents and visitors. By being aware of areas where water collects you can have it removed before it freezes. Areas where water pools should also be repaired as needed by professionals.
  4. Repair Potholes: potholes are not only unsightly but they allow snow, ice, and other debris to collect over the winter. If left unattended potholes can cause much of the same damage that cracks cause but on a much larger scale and can threaten the structural integrity of your asphalt. If potholes are a common issue special cold weather asphalt may be required when repairs are made.

Final Thoughts

As the above information shows winter weather can be damaging to asphalt if you are unprepared. By taking the above tips into consideration you greatly reduce the possibility of damage during the colder parts of the year. Also, consider hiring professional help to properly seal existing cracks, repair damage, and properly prepare your asphalt for the winter.