Hot Mix Asphalt

Perma Flex®

The nationally renowned Perma Flex® hot mix asphalt product was invented by Jim Dykes in 1970 to work with existing asphalt to fill cracks and prevent future reflective cracking. It includes carefully sized aggregate and a combination of liquid asphalt bonding agents blended specifically for each job. The aggregates wedge into the existing cracks while the bonding agents create a continuously bonded, water tight yet flexible surface.

Surface Course

Our commercial grade surface course materials include F Mix (9.5 mm equivalent). E-mix is also available.

Binder Course

Our B-Binder commercial grade modified binder course is designed to provide strength to paved services (19.5 mm equivalent)


Upon request, Dykes can provide custom hot mix designs and/or meet existing hot mix design specifications for virtually any project – from standard surfaces to tennis courts, walking trails, golf cart paths, etc.