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The Paving Choice for Your LEED Projects


Dykes Paving has over 30 years of experience in the development and use of recycled materials for their paving projects. Their materials meet industry standards, are strong, affordable, and meet LEED certification for associated credits. The use of recycled construction materials in your pavement projects allows the opportunity to protect the environment, reduce the use of new materials, save money, and also have a high-quality product.

LEED (Leadership in Energy & Environmental Design) Certification is another of the many benefits offered by using recycled materials. Note that the following information concerns LEED Certification credits and Dykes Paving’s expertise in the industry to learn more about the LEED program in general sense click here.

LEED Certification Points and Credits

Use of recycled materials in your Atlanta LEED Projects allows your business to gain points in the following two areas based on the materials used and the location of origin of these materials.

1. Materials and Resources Credit 4 Recycled Content: credits are earned by the use of recycled materials in your paving projects. To simplify the more recycled material used in the completion of the project the more points are gained. The scale is 10 percent is one point, 20 percent two points, and an extra point may be earned if 30 percent or more of the project’s costs use recycled materials. As industry experts, Dykes Paving materials are 100 percent made from recycled materials allowing you to gain the maximum amount of credits.

2. Materials and Resources Credit 5 Regional Materials: additional points can be earned based on where recycled materials are sourced from. Recycled materials are considered regional if they are processed and manufactured within 500 miles of the job’s location. Regional Material credits use the same percentage and point scale as the Recycled Content credits. Much like Dykes Paving’s commitment to recycled materials they are also committed to using local materials from the surrounding greater Atlanta area.

Projects That Should Make Use Of LEED Certified Paving

Another of LEED certified pavings advantage is that it can be used in many different paving projects. The use of recycled material does not limit the paving’s strength or durability and it can be used for structural fills, as a road base, to support existing infrastructure, drainage systems, storm water control, and in projects where soil needs to be stabilized. LEED certified paving should be considered for any project that has a need in the above-listed areas.

Lastly, when considering a paving expert you want to hire a company with the experience and knowledge needed to do the project right. With decades of experience, Dykes Paving can help complete any LEED paving projects.