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Increase in Potholes in Atlanta


Weather and Asphalt Conditions Affect Private Property Owners

A recent increase in rain, snow, and moisture in Atlanta’s weather is leading to an increase in potholes forming around the city. Drivers have seen costly repairs in damage to their vehicles while property managers, who maintain paving for commercial and residential real estate, also have seen repair costs increase. Unlike the city of Atlanta, which has contractors to scout and repair potholes, private property managers don’t have the same resources to repair paving damage.

The best way to reduce cost of asphalt repairs is to help prevent them with maintenance work. Potholes are formed when moisture seeps into asphalt, causing tiny cracks that can eventually lead to potholes. Because of irregular weather conditions, the asphalt is under more stress than ever before and maintaining roads has been and increasing problem. Regular maintenance from a high quality asphalt contractors can repair cracks before they form into potholes.

Such prevention methods help save money and increase driver safety. Driver safety is important to private property owners because, like the city of Atlanta, they can be sued by drivers for unsafe roads. Not only are drivers in danger of flat tires and rim damage, the city spends money on vehicle repairs that are a result of potholes. For example, the city spent over $6,000 on repairs to five motorists who had damage on a single pothole. (

Property managers should select a contractor that use quality weather-resistant methods for laying asphalt. For example, Dykes Paving is an innovator in asphalt mixing and materials recycling. They are a local company that knows the city and its conditions. Having a contractor familiar with the cities weather and traffic conditions will allow them to better manage potholes. They also specialize in large commercial and residential property. For more information on asphalt contractors, go to