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Important Reasons To Keep Your Business Parking Lot Clean

asphaltYour parking lot is one of the first things that people will see when visiting your business. If it is filled with litter and/or other debris, it is certain to make the wrong impression. Moreover, poorly maintained asphalt is far more likely to deteriorate before its time than is asphalt that is diligently cleaned. It is also important to note that having a clean parking lot is a vital part of building and maintaining a trustworthy brand. Given the tremendous impact that this area can have on your business and on your long-term spending, the costs of having these important services performed will invariably pay for themselves. Following are several important reasons to have your parking lot cleaned right now.

Create A Welcoming And Safe Environment For Consumers

People are more likely to visit your establishment and spend money if you work hard to create an exterior environment that is both warm and welcoming. Leaving rubbish out in front of your business tells people that you don’t care about what they think or about how comfortable they are when leaving their cars.

Limit Your Company’s Impact On The Natural Environment

Not all of the debris that accumulates in parking areas is biodegradeable or safe for the environment. Metal particulates, hazardous chemicals and other potentially dangerous debris can be kept from washing into local waterways through ongoing maintenance. With visible efforts to show locals that you care about the environment, you can build a better and more appealing brand.

Eliminate Trip And Fall Hazards

Companies have a higher likelihood of personal injury lawsuits when their parking lots are dirty. Massive amounts of debris can make paved surfaces difficult to navigate both by car and on foot. Cleaning litter up will eliminate trip and fall hazards and reduce the occurrence of driving accidents on your property.

Improved Drainage Will Extend The Lifetime Of Your Asphalt

Accumulations of debris can block nearby drainage systems causing water to pool on paved surfaces. Standing water will expedite the breakdown of the asphalt in your parking lot, thereby increasing the frequency with which these surfaces need to be replaced. Litter removal will free up drainage systems; and keep your paved surfaces clean, dry and less likely to sustain an undue amount of wear and tear.

Routine Maintenance Will Limit The Presence Of Pests

The garbage that is tossed in your parking areas can be very attractive to pests. Cleaning this mess up will limit the presence of rodents, raccoon, stray cats and dogs and a host of annoying insects. If allowed to feed these pests can:

  • Cause extensive property damage by building nests and chewing holes in structural materials
  • Scare your customers off
  • Create health violations
  • Produce massive populations that prove very difficult to get rid of

Limit Surface Erosion

Sweeping up abrasive debris will additionally reduce ongoing wear and tear on your paved surfaces that will gradually take a toll. Much like standing pools of water break asphalt down, the friction that is caused when vehicles are driven over abrasive materials will diminish the structural integrity and overall appeal of your parking area.

Keeping your parking lot clean will help you attract and retain more customers. It will also allow you to preserve the value, appeal and integrity of you property exterior while protecting the environment and preventing pest problems. If your parking lot isn’t in top condition, it’s time to hire a contractor from Dykes to put this area in order. Contact us right now to get the help you need.