Jim Dykes Impact On The Environment

Jim Dykes has been a pioneer in the field of recycled construction materials. Many of the techniques first developed by Jim are now considered common practices and are used throughout the industry. His efforts have resulted in a series of environmentally conscious products developed for the construction industry based on the following source materials:

Source Material End Use Material Enviromental Benefit
Broken Asphalt Hot Mix Asphalt and Cold Mix Asphalt 20% to 100% Recycled product
Roofing Shingles Hot Mix Asphalt, Cold Mix Asphalt, Dust Supression Mix 100% Recycled product
Demolition Concrete Crusher Run, #57 Stone, #810 Screenings, and Surge Stone 100% Recycled product
Excavated Shot Rock Crusher Run, #57 Stone, #810 Screenings, and Surge Stone 100% Recycled product
Porcelain Toilets, Sinks, etc. #57 Stone, #810 Screenings 100% Recycled product


As of December 2008, Dykes Paving & Construction Company, led by Jim Dykes, has recycled over 28 million tons of asphalt and concrete. Over 18 million tons (i.e. 1 million dump truck loads of waste) has been diverted from local landfills in the metro Atlanta area. Most of this material was either processed onsite or within 5 miles of the source. The environmental benefits to Atlanta include the following:


o The reduction of approx. 10 million traffic miles for dump trucks on Atlanta roadways

o The reduction of approx. 12 million cubic yards of required land fill space.

o   The reduction of approx. 2 million gallons of diesel fuel burned.

o   The reduction of approx. 18 million tons of aggregate mined from local rock quarries.

o   The reduction of approx. 64 million gallons of liquid asphalt from U.S. refineries.

The end results includes fewer exhaust fumes diminishing our air quality . less dependency for our limited natural resources and a significantly reduced carbon footprint for the construction industry as a whole.