Sustainability – About Dykes

Dykes Paving & Construction Company was founded by Jim Dykes in 1968, and as the years have passed  Dykes Paving has continually grown and evolved into one the leading innovators in the paving industry. Many companies understand the need for sustainable building materials these days, and LEED certification requirements underscore this environmental necessity. Always seeing beyond the horizon, our RTR™ product is made from 100% recycled material and it is the only cold mix paving product of its kind on the market today.

There is no job that is too large for Dykes Paving.  After the 1996 Olympic Games, Atlanta Fulton County Stadium was torn down. We were contracted to assist, and we graded and repaved the site while recycling 100% of the concrete, which is an accomplishment that demonstrates our capacities. If you have a challenging or complex industrial or commercial paving project in the offing, Dykes Paving can help.  We have multiple paving and base crews, over 70 dedicated employees, a number of asphalt manufacturing and stone crushing plants, and a pair of asphalt manufacturing facilities. Our self sustaining resources, decades of experience, and wealth of expertise has made us the premier commercial and industrial paving company in the greater Atlanta area.

Since the introduction of the LEED program, there was been an incentive for companies to consider sustainable building practices. However, Dykes Paving was committed to eco-friendly innovation, green construction and long term sustainability long before these initiatives carried mandates and economic incentives along with them. Jim Dykes started experimenting with recycled asphalt shortly after graduating from Georgia State University and founding Dykes Paving & Construction back in 1968. By 1978 Dykes Paving became the first company in the state of Georgia to recycle hot mix asphalt successfully.

In 1980 the innovations continued when Dykes Paving introduced the Perma Flex® hot mix asphalt system that allows fresh asphalt to be applied over existing badly cracked pavement, eliminating the need to haul away and dispose of the old materials. The Dykes Paving history of innovation contains many chapters, and on this day we are the 4th largest producer of recycled aggregates in the United States. For sustainable paving products and services in the greater Atlanta area, there is one name to remember: Dykes Paving & Construction. Give us a call at 770-448-3392 or contact us through this website and we will be back in touch with you as soon as possible.