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The Origin and Composition of Asphalt Concrete

Everyone today knows what asphalt is: the black material that paves roads, parking lots, and driveways all over the world. Yet, the origin and composition of asphalt concrete is more elusive to the average person. Understanding the origin and composition of asphalt concrete can help you determine the best type of asphalt concrete to lie […]

How Does Pavement Milling Work?

Pavement milling, also known as cold planing, is a process that removes part of a paved surface, such as a parking lot or road. Milling can remove just the surface of the pavement, or anywhere up to the entire depth, referred to as full depth removal. There are many reasons to mill a paved area, […]

How Sinkholes Work

Sinkholes are being recorded with increasing frequency, so people have begun to wonder is this because of more reporting, or something else. Sinkholes caused by aging infrastructure are common. If this happens to your road surface, Dykes Paving has the experience to rehabilitate your road. However, geological reasons are also a factor in many places, […]

Burning Rubber, and Melting Roads!

With increasing frequency, drivers on paved roads are encountering a comically peculiar dilemma; the roads are melting right under their wheels. The road may not necessarily transform suddenly into an undulating sea of tar, but high temperatures, coupled with the friction produced by a high volume of fast-moving rubber tires, can contribute to a very […]

Unexpected Archaeological Discoveries When Re-doing Roads

When digging up and re-doing roads or highways, most expect to find nothing more than just cement. But every now and then, road workers uncover surprising archaeological finds. From log roads at least a century old to old graves to tools that tell of past lifestyles, all of these things and more have been uncovered […]

Interesting Facts about a Musical Road

Musical roads have existed for years in Asian countries. Only recently did they become known in the United States. Below are some interesting facts you may not know about this asphalt phenomenon. It Is Commercialized: Honda made the first commercial featuring a musical road. The road played an excerpt of the William Tell Overture. The […]

How To Eliminate Damage to Asphalt From Oil

First impressions are everything in business, and having the exterior of your building looking unpleasant, and perhaps even presenting a health hazard, is sure to deter potential customers and clients from wanting to enter your store, shop, or office. Oil stained asphalt is an eyesore, and is also dangerously slippery during the sub-zero, snowy winter […]

Embedded in Asphalt: Urban Archaeology

What images come to your mind when someone mentions archaeology? Chances are, you’re picturing Indiana Jones adventuring through the jungles of South America or Howard Carter opening King Tutankhamen’s ancient Egyptian tomb. But this isn’t just a study of ancient cultures. According to the Society for American Archaeology, archaeology is “the study of the ancient […]

Fatigue Cracking in Asphalt

There is a reason why roads expected to carry heavy loads and more volume are designed differently from roads meant for less volume or traffic. This is because over time, stress will cause what is known as fatigue, or alligator, cracking. This type of cracking is just one of several types of pavement failure that […]

Get the Farmers Out of the Mud: A History of Asphalt Roads

Whether you call it asphalt, pavement, blacktop, tarmac, or concrete, it traverses the US so that we can do the same. But where did this sticky, resilient matter come from, and how did we come to pave our formerly dirt roads with it?